Interview Questions to help with your submission!

Their Stories is a crowd-sourced platform that allows people from across the globe to share their experiences of colonialism. Use the questions below (and anything else you can think of!) to help shape your submission, interview your grandparents/parents/friends!

  • Where did you live?
  • How old were you when the country you were living in gained independence?
  • What was it like to gain independence?
  • Was your family involved?
  • What did your family go through at the time? Did you have to move, what was that like?
  • What was it like being a subject? Do you remember?
  • What does colonialism mean to you?
  • What were the opportunities that were available to you before independence, and what were they after independence?
  • What would you like to share with the world – something that people should not forget about our shared world history?